Light-Painting with Avid FX or Boris RED

Getting Ready To Paint Apply Avid FX or Boris RED over a clip in your editing system. A video clip will appear in the Avid FX or Boris RED Composite window. Hide the video clip with the eyeball icon. For the purpose of this tutorial, it will be easier to draw over a black background and then composite paint as the last step. If a checkerboard is visible in the Composite window, turn it off with the popup button.
img1 Light Filter Paint is best done with a tablet input device. Although some painting can still be accomplished with a mouse or even a track pad, a tablet will let us utilize Avid FX or Boris RED to its fullest potential. In a moment, you’ll see why. I will be using a Wacom Intous 3 tablet, but really, any tablet will do, even a very small, inexpensive model. In addition to location and (mouse) clicks, a tablet is capable of recording other data (or channels) such as pressure, tilt, and velocity.
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Importing MXF Files (From P2 Devices) Into Avid

For Avid Media Composer v2.7 and later
For Avid Xpress Pro v5.7 and later

Importing P2 files is mainly a 2-step process . . . with some rules. The Avid documentation is a bit vague and incomplete regarding this process. You will need to do this if you want your clips to stay online.

Step 1:
Clips to Bin
(This is from the Avid Documentation and it is the correct first main step)

To import P2 clips directly from a P2 card or a copy of a P2 card on any accessible drive:

Open the bin into which you want to import the Master Clips. Make sure it is the active window.

Go to: File > Import P2 > Clips to Bin
Then Browse for Folder. The dialog box will open.

[c] Navigate to the P2 volume:
Navigate to the actual P2 card. If you copied the card to another drive, navigate to that drive and then to the folder that contains the Contents folder. Do not navigate into the Contents folder or into other folders in the volume. The Import P2 option imports all the clips on the card.
 [d] Click OK
Now, if you stop here, you can edit with your clips. However, if you close out the program and try to come back, your clips will appear “OFFLINE.” This is a common “problem” that many seem to encounter.
This next main step is crucial for keeping your P2 clips “ONLINE.”

Step 2: Import Media

[a] Select all the clips in that same bin from Step 1.

Go to: File > Import P2 > Media
Avid will now copy all the files (video & audio) from your P2 directories and put them into the video drive(s) that is designated for your Avid. Now your clips will stay online all the time!

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Working with Non-Standard HD Resolutions with Avid DS Nitris

One of the interesting types of projects that post facilities take on in the commercial space is creation of HD pieces at non-standard resolutions.  These are not simply high-resolution projects at 2K or 4K size, but rather, HD projects targeted for non-standard screen size or intended for display across multiple screens.  For these projects, we use Avid DS Nitris, which aside from being a resolution-independent system, has the compositing, effects and paint capabilities ideal for this work. With the addition of dual link connectivity for 4:4:4 color, we have even more options. 
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Time-saving tip for compositing an action inside a TV.

Recently, I’ve been working a kids’ show in which the actors were videoconferencing quite a bit. Along the way, I developed this little trick that helped tremendously in making the process of putting faces in screens less cumbersome.

This tip has two parts.
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Deklarasi Berdirinya Asosiasi Editor Indonesia (AEI)

Di Ambil dari Rumah film

Jakarta 18 November 2007

Perkumpulan para editor film se-Indonesia mendeklarasikan berdirinya ASOSIASI EDITOR INDONESIA (AEI) pada hari Minggu, 18 November 2007 jam 14.00 di Teater Kecil, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jl. Cikini Raya 73, Jakarta. Turut dalam deklarasi ini terdiri 18 editor (jumlah masih akan bertambah) di Indonesia, dengan 7 orang Board of Director, antara lain: Sastha Sunu, Andhy Pulung Widagdo, W. Ichwandiardono, Aline Jusria, Diki Umbara, Chandra Sulistiyanto, dan Ahsan Andrian.
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Newsroom solutions

A complete Avid Newsroom Solution offers complete command and control of the newsroom— on-air content, story assignments, rundown, and more—right from the desktop. And it links to Avid news production, on-air graphics, and play-to-air solutions as well as to a wide range of third-party solutions for a seamless broadcast workflow.

To learn more about a particular solution, choose any of the challenges below. Or launch the animated workflow to explore the range of Avid Newsroom solutions.

Explore newsroom challenges:
Newsroom management challenge Feed operations challenge
Journalist editing challenge Newscast control challenge
Field reporting challenge Web and IP-based delivery challenge
Direct newsroom graphics challenge Election management challenge
Newsroom management challenge: Juggle content, rundowns, and assignments

News managers—producers, news directors, and assignment editors—have to manage the on-air content and the personnel in the newsroom. They assign stories to staff, devise and manage the newscast’s rundown, segments and order of the show, right down to last-minute float or drop decisions. They need a solution that puts every aspect of the newsroom at their fingertips .

Solution: Desktop-based integrated newsroom management tools [ learn more ]

Journalist editing challenge: Create more stories; improve quality and accuracy

Journalists are working harder than ever. They write breaking news stories without video then re-write them when the feed comes in. They arrange clips from the feed to fit the script they wrote, before they have accurate timing. Or they hand the whole thing off to an editor with a list of instructions and time codes – all while working on the next story.

Solution: Integrated story creation tools [ learn more ]

Field reporting challenge: Stay mobile and stay connected

Television reporters have to follow the stories– wherever they are. And often, instead of coming back to the station and plugging into the network, they need to prepare stories in the field. And their toolset must enable them to act as videographer and editor when necessary, often in the harshest circumstances.

Solution: Web and e-mail links to newsroom [ learn more ]

Direct newsroom graphics challenge: Rundown-accurate input and playback for graphics

The station’s “look and feel” is created by the graphic designers, but it’s the journalists who have to use it for lower-thirds, graphics, and other story-telling tools. And once it’s all created, how does everything get on air at the right time—and with the right look?

Solution: Integrated, multi-device graphics control [ learn more ]

Feed operations challenge: Ensure that video comes in, gets routed, and gets used

Satellite downlinks. Microwave relays. Tape feeds. Video is the source of life in a television newsroom. Feed operators have to manage all the channels, routers, and crosspoints to ensure that video comes in when and where it’s supposed to. And why use valuable editing suite time for logging incoming video?

Solution: Unified I/O management [ learn more ]

Newscast control challenge: Handle last-minute program changes in stride

All the work that goes into creating the news is pulled together in the control room. It’s where the technical director switches the newscast and calls the camera shots, tape rolls, and on-air graphics. The operators of all the devices have to stay on top of last-minute changes to individual stories or to the entire rundown.

Solution: Synchronized rundown changes and machine control [ learn more ]

Web and IP-based delivery challenge: Easily re-purpose video and text content

A whole team of people puts the news on the air. But when news breaks before the show, the audience wants to know what’s going on, right away. If the station can get content to its audiences in whatever ways they want it—the Web, their PDA, a cell phone feed—without getting in the way of producing their newscast, and without hiring an entirely new editorial staff, everyone will win.

Solution: Simultaneous online publishing and formatting tools [ learn more ]

Election Management challenge: Accuracy in extraordinary circumstances

Election Day programming is just like every other news day in the year— all rolled into one long, high-visibility newscast. With the entire station’s credibility at stake, mistakes hard to avoid, and new data going out to air as fast it’s pouring in, this is a time when every system in the station needs to perform at their highest capacities.

Solution: Automate election data, eliminate manual entry, and reduce errors [ learn more ]

Complete editing software for broadcast news

Editing news stories depends on fast thinking, accuracy, and teamwork. Designed for high-pressure broadcast news editing, Avid NewsCutter video editing software gives you all the tools you need to deliver award-winning news packages—from the field or in the newsroom. Tight integration with newsroom automation systems, playout servers, and collaborative production workflows make NewsCutter software the ideal storytelling tool for independent stations and worldwide media organizations alike.

Note: NewsCutter XP is being renamed to NewsCutter software as of the release of version 7, planned for June 2008.
News editing done right

Fast, flexible editing and voiceover tools, native P2 and XDCAM support, and integrated media management help you stay relaxed and focused on telling the best story—you can even begin editing before the capture is finished. And Avid’s Open Timeline lets you juggle formats and ideas with real-time editing and playback of multiple SD and HD resolutions.
Seamless integration into any workflow

Seamless integration with selected newsroom automation systems and play-out servers get the story on air in the shortest possible time. Native integration of P2, XDCAM-HD, and HDV formats lets you focus on editing, not getting data into and out of the system. Need to get your story out to the Web? Sorensen Squeeze is included for fast multi-format output.
Engineered for collaboration
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